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tv   Action News 11pm  ABC  March 2, 2016 11:00pm-11:36pm EST

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county. a local hospital group falls victim to a cyber phishing expedition next. now you hear them. now you don't. every family deserves a two-room suite. yeah, it's pretty great. "action news," delaware valley's leading news program with jim gardner. flames and smoke engulfing a tractor-trailer late today on the route 222 bypass in upper
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macungie township. moments after the car crashed into the big rig and the thick smoke spoke unspeakable tragedy. and on "action news," new information. the authorities told us the horrific crash earlier today claimed five lives. three miles north of the border between berks and lehigh county. the tractor-trailer rolled over on its side and burst into flames. and the police chief had this to say late today. >> for unknown reasons a vehicle driving north was traveling north and crossed over the center median over the grass, and it caused a head-on impact collision with the tractor-trailer. >> it turns out the car was a subaru impreza and the authorities are investigating at the scene to determine what
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happened and how it happened, what the situation is now. the road is still closed and again, five people in the car were killed. we will be keeping our eyes on this throughout the night and will update it on and on "action news" tomorrow morning starting at 4:30. if we find out anything more before the broadcast is over we will obviously keep you up-to-date. we now know more about the shooting that happened in queen village last night. a 65-year-old man used a gun when two young men attacked him and his wife. and chad pradelli live, and what's the latest on this? >> jim, an attorney for the shooter says this was self-defense. it was last night around 8:30. the older couple and the two young men crossed paths right here. words were exchanged. fists began to fly then shots fired. this is surveillance video of the two young men who were shot. they slowly make their way across the street at second.
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and one young man suffering a gunshot wound to the stomach sits down outside of the bar. his friend is holding his neck and shoulder area where he was shot. soon the police arrive and take the men to the hospital. >> i think the moral of the story is you just never know who's packing heat, you know. >> right. >> the old man, he was packing, you have to watch out. it is a shame it went down. i hope those kids are ok. >> an attorney for the shooter tells "action news" that the 5 65-year-old and his wife were walking home. and the two men attacked the couple, throwing the man to the ground and punching him and his wife. >> they attack him, and his wife. and he begged them to stop and they kept coming. they explained he has a firearm they said they don't care and they punched him in the face. >> they are calling itself defense and the district
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attorney is investigating. and the man who fired the shots had a license to carry. and they say he and his wife have been a fix tour in queen village for 40 years. >> they have been here so many years it could be a final straw for them. >> and last check, the police say the two men shot are in stable condition. live in queen village, chad pradelli channel 6 "action news." jim? >> thank you, chad. philadelphia swat teams safely revolved a standoff late tonight in lawndale. a man armed with a knife barricaded himself. at 9:30 the officers took him into custody without any injuries. the delaware state supreme court overturned child pornography charges against a former headmaster. christopher wheeler sentenced to 50 years in prison, today the court said the search warrants
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obtained by the police were unconstitutionally brought. wheeler was headmaster at the tower hills school in wilmington. the department of justice had no comment on the ruling today. security beefed up tomorrow at tacony academy charter school at wissinoming in philadelphia because of a social media post. you're looking at it, showing an assault rifle and loaded clip. the post shutdown school and parked -- sparked a police investigation of the parents of the student who saw it contacted the officials and there will be police presence on campus tomorrow. nearly 11,000 employees of main line health had their personal information stolen in a targeted cyber attack. the f.b.i. and i.r.s. are now involved in the investigation. hospital officials say that patient information has been compromised. main line health includes lankenau medical center, paoli, riddle and bryn mawr hospitals
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and bryn mawr rehabilitation hospital. the officials say two weeks ago an employee responded to an email that they thought was legitimate, but it actually came from an identity theft crook. steven members of the so-called felony lane gang arraigned today and behind bars tonight. captures during this chase yesterday that ended on the schuylkill expressway. investigators say they recovered stolen driver's licenses. they say it was a two-part crime. first a car break-in to steal a purse, and then a second strike involving female members of the crew. >> they have the women use the credit cards to make purchases. they will use those women to actually cash checks at banks. >> officials say the crew targeted women who left their purses inside of their cars, often in gym or daycare parking lots. the name felony lane gang comes from the far lane of a
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drive-through bank where it is harder for a teller to recognize customer. seeing a decline in gun shooting, and detecting gunfire and detecting the location to get people to crime scenes faster. the number of shootings in atlantic city dropped 35% from 2014 to 2015. and mayor jim kenney plans to ask for $1.1 million in the budget to equipped 800 more police officers with body cameras. the department is already running a small pilot program to test the devices. kenney wants city council to fund half of the cost and we will see grants and donations to pay for the rest. drexel university and a major development company have taken the wraps off a huge project that's will radically alter the landscape west of 30th street station. and christie alletto is live at
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30th and market and tell us about drexel's new innovation neighborhood. >> jim, the area between the train station and university city will soon are home to more research labs, retail and more parks. it's concrete and parking lots now, but over the next 20 years the area around 30th street station will look like this. it's called schuylkill yard. >> all of the undeveloped property creating a new neighborhood and linking it into the transportation, it is a good place to live and work. >> and they are pouring $3.5 billion into the 14-acre project. rendering residential, research labs and businesses, and even designated spaces for parks. >> we are understanding there are going to be parks. >> yes. >> creating tens of thousands of jobs attracting more people to the neighborhood. >> university city needs to be rejuvenated. >> many parts of university city don't need to be rejuvenated but
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they make the area more user-friendly. you may think you are in center city but it is west philadelphia. >> building over a space that is really not being used right now, definitely becomes a more attractive campus. >> there are some concerns. >> hope space i feel it can be bad or good. just people hanging around late nights. i know right now noise is an issue in this area, and i can't study at my apartment, hence i am going to the library. >> do i think the money could be going somewhere better? yes and no. i am kind of thinking of the future and you always have to have the mindset what is next and how to adapt. >> well one of the first things to be con trustructed is a park across from the train station. hoping to break ground on that in the next 9-12 months. christie alletto for channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. still to come on "action news" tonight, the new landscape in the presidential campaign after super tuesday. plus, police made progress
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tonight in this wild smash-and-grab at a gun shop. and also the federal government bans a certain kind of activity onboard planes. the cold air moving in tonight. i am tracking a system that will bring us a brush of snow on friday morning. new information on what to expect in the warm up next week in the accuweather seven-day forecast. and health reporter ali gorman, alzheimer's disease expected to be an epidemic in the next decade. and researchers getting closer to how to presentence -- prevent it. and the sixers taking on the hornets tonight when "action news" continues. i do everything on the internet.
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>> chopper 6 is live over route 222 in upper macungie township where crews are cleaning up, i don't know how else to say it. cleaning up after today's horrific accident. and we say "horrific" because
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just before we went on air we were told by the state police that the death toll was five after this accident. a quarter mile south in upper macungie township. a subaru crossed over the median crashing head-on into a tractor-trailer, which flipped over and burst into flames. all of the occupants of the subaru were killed apparently on impact. the road has been closed all way in both directions. it is still closed as the grim clean-up continues at this hour. five people killed there today. they were fast and they were calculating, and they were violent. using a chainsaw and a pick up truck, it took this crew in houston just over a minute to get inside of a gun store, finally ripping the door off the
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hinges. the first thief inside jumps the counter grabbing the assault rifle down along the counter, and another smashes cases while thieves fill bags with hand guns. late tonight three suspects arrested and several guns recovered, police with more work to do. protesters on both sides of the abortion controversy, tcour hearing about an abortion law that could cut the clinics in the state. it will be the most important supreme court ruling on abortion since the 1990s. with seven more states in his column after last night, donald trump officially is freaking out the republican washington establishment which is desperately searching for ways to stop him. the rank-and-file voters on the republican side are flocking to him. donald trump had no public appearances today, but tonight he did reveal a 7-point
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healthcare plan. the big story here, the plan does away with the individual healthcare mandate which represents a change in trump's position. he would also allow competition overstate lines for healthcare plans. ted cruz told supporters in kansas today that donald trump would name a liberal justice to the supreme court to replace antoine scalia. and he said had he not won the home state of texas he would have suspended his campaign. and marco rubio also talking about trump in a rally in michigan, accusing trump of trying to "carry out a con job." and ben carson all but ended his campaign. he said i do not see a political path forward and more details on his plans when he appears at a
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conservative conference. and bernie sanders looking ahead to the next primary hope with his four states. and the trade policies like nafta that hillary clinton supported shuttered back trees across the country. and michigan march 8. and hillary clinton at a rally in new york supporting the labor movement saying labor will always have a seat at the table when "i am in the white house." we have bad business news. sports authority filed for bankruptcy closing 140 stores. that is nearly 1/3. locations have not been disclosed. the retail chain was bought by a hedge fund 10 years ago and in that time eclipsed by dick's sporting goods. it is unclear if sports authority will keep the naming rights to the denver bronco's home stadium. the transportation department banning the use of ecigarettes on plain.
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smoking on board is prohibited and they make it clear this is it as well. and the f.a.a. allows passengers to carry the ecigarettes on board but banned them on checked luggage out of fear and explosion. >> al-heimer and alzheimer's affects many families and ali gorman has the story. >> one researcher tells me she has been waiting for decades for a study like this. speaking with her and a woman volunteering to make a difference. >> most speaking about retirement, elizabeth was searching for a new adventure. she became a foreign service officers when she was 55. with her husband, travelled the globe. >> 25 countries in 10 years. it was wonderful. i highly recommend it.
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>> better? >> yep, that was good. >> now at age 69 she is embarking on another adventure, hoping to help prevent alzheimer's disease in the future. complications from the illness claimed the lives of her uncle nicholas and aunt katherine. enrolling in a new study in their memory. and the researcher explains the study that uses an investigational drug. >> it is a plaque-buster if you will. it removes the plaque. >> the plaque, if someone has it they are at a greater risk for alzheimer's. but typically symptoms such as memory loss or confusion won't appear until 10 years after the plaque forms. the study will look to see if clearing the plaque in people without symptoms can prevent the disease. >> let's clear them out during this ten years where they are
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damaging the brain cells and see if we can keep the brain cells from getting dysfunctional or destroyed. and keep those thing circuits going. >> study participants are first given a pet scan to look for the plaque. if it is present they are given the infusion of the plaque-buster once a month for she years. those without will also be followed. it is a long study but the doctors say the impact delaying or preventing alzheimer's could be monumental. >> it would be amazing. >> today if i told you that you have risk factors you will worry, not a lot you can do. this is something we can be pro active with and lower the risk of getting alzheimer's. >> i think it is one of the scary things about alzheimer's, there is no cure. hopefully it is a little step towards that. >> there are 60 medical centers around the world doing this study including drexel and penn medicine. they are still enrolling and looking for healthy people
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between the ages of 65 and 85. they are especially looking for minorities to join. we have a link with more information on ali gorman, channel 6 "action news." we have a spell of chilly weather coming up. >> and heading back to winter for about the next 48 hours, and then we will climb out of it. next week is going to feel like spring. stormtracker live double scan showing we have dry conditions out there tonight. the winds have died off somewhat, but we still have a noticeable breeze. winds right now generally 12-17 miles per hour. we had wind gusts more than 40 miles per hour earlier today. but still you add that with the temperature, temperatures generally in the 30s right now. wind chills in the 20's and teens. hard to believe temperatures were in the 60's for three straight days earlier this week. satellite 6, along with actions radar, showing that high pressure is building in tonight. that will keep our skies clear. that will really drop off the
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winds overnight, but i am tracking low pressure moving out of the plains. and this is what will bring us a brush of snow late tomorrow night and early on friday. so tomorrow really the big story is not the wind, it is the cold air. at 7:00, 28 degrees. bundle up the kids as they head to the bus stop. and temperatures really staying in the 30s through the day with building clouds as we head through the afternoon. and futuretracker showing this time tomorrow night we are tracking snow falling. generally around philadelphia and areas to the south it will start off light and intensify a little overnight. and the morning rush hour lingering snow showers kind of on and off into the afternoon and could end as a little rain along the coast. this is not going to be a major snowstorm. looking at a brush of light snow moving in after about 10:00 tomorrow night. and moving out by noon on friday. as far as the amounts, 1-3 inches on grassy servic y surf.
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and trending towards the lower end of the scale. could be a few slushy slick spots for friday morning commute, but then with the high march sun angle it will all be melting during the day. so kids do your homework, school will be on on friday. and the big story in the afternoon is the gusty wind along the coast. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast feeling like winter again tomorrow. the clouds roll in and afternoon high 39 degrees, 10 degrees below normal. friday snow showers in the morning and high only 39. and heading into the weekend the temperatures rebound somewhat. 45 degrees saturday, increasing clouds. saturday night into sunday morning a few rain or snow showers from a weak system sliding through. sunday's high 48 degrees. and temperatures really jump. monday, 58 degrees. tuesday, 68. and wednesday, first time this year temperatures will climb up into the 70's.
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making it through 48 hours and we will have the latest at 4:30 in the morning. still to come, sixers play the hornests and highlights when we continue in a moment. ♪
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charlotte team and were short-handed. and jahlil okafor out with a shin contusion. in the third, isaiah canaan game tied at 67-67 and he scores 17. later in the period, getting into the lane and a three-point lead. that lead is about as secure as using a twist tie as a leash on a pit bull. and walker 39 points and they lose by 20, 119-99. we showed that we can do it, but by the time we are already down either 15 or 20 minut minutes -- points so it is hard to get over the hill. we have to bring that intensity from the beginning to the end of the game. >> the same again for the sixers and also for the phillies. and opening grapefruit league in toronto and today, one of the phillies young outfielders a
11:29 pm
solo home run to left field in the fourth inning. and a 2-0 phillies lead. j.p. crawford makes his debut. the 21-year-old 0-3 at the plate with a walk, but he starts this nice 6-4-3 double play and the game ends in a 4-4 tie. spring training. and sam bradford gives stability to a position unstable for the last few years. whether he is the right man for the job remains to be seen. management feels he is. up to $22 million of the two-year deal is guaranteed in year one. and bradford's teammates are happy that he is back in the fold. >> and you get a guy like that that is smart and understand the scheme, and the good guys around him. he is a little quiet but he has a calm confidence as a player you want to see and you appreciate that you look to somebody like that as a leader and it is nice to have him back. still ahead, college
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phil martelli has another milestone in reach, looking for career win number 400 tonight. st. joe's at st. bonaventure. a tight game and isaiah miles and the hawks up by two. and i credible job, and st. joe's goes down. the flyers idle, three points out of the final wild
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card spot hosting edmonton tomorrow. and the flyers winning the first three games of the homestand. if the flyers have you living on the edge as they chase the post-season imagine how they feel. >> it's exciting. you want to be in this position at this time of the year. obviously you would rather have a few points more and be up in the standings, but we control our destiny. and you know, there's 20 games to go. >> this is coming down to the very end of the season, you just know it. "jimmy kimmel live" next on channel 6 followed by "nightline." and his guests are morgan freeman, and music from charles kelley. and "action news" continues in the morning. for cecily tynan, ducis rodgers and the entire "action news" team, i'm jim gardner. good night. ♪ "action news" is sponsored in part by --
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♪ >> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight -- morgan freeman -- from "the real o'neals", martha plimpton -- and music from charles kelley -- with cleto and the cletones -- and now, here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ]


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